Ōme Catholic Church


Ōme Catholic Church

Dedicated to

St. Thomas Kozaki

Date of Establishment

October, 1959 (50th anniversary in 2009)


Priests from diocesan curia will be in charge until Easter 2022.

Number of Parishioners

511 (as of Dec.31,2019)

Sunday Mass

Sat.19:30 Sun.8:00 (From May to October) , Sun.11:00 (From November to April)

Weekday Mass

06:30 ( except Monday )

Sunday School

For Elementary school children 10:30

Bible Study

Please ask to the information of Ome Church

Volunteer Activity

Visiting hospitals and homes nearby for old people.


1-197 Katsunuma, Ōme-shi, Tokyo 198-0041





Facilities for the Handicapped

Slope (or Barrier free), Toilet


5 minutes walk from Ōme Sta. on JR Ōme Line. GoogleMap

Parish History


Oume church has been established in 1959 by the financial support of Köln Archdiocese. At the beginning the church has been started as a branch of Tachikawa church with only 20 to 30 parishioners and also the chapel was small enough for them. As the number of people has increased Interior renovation has been made occasionally. On the special big events heavy strong benches of the outside church yard haves to be carried into the chapel to make enough seats for the mass. Though it was small but there was a homely atmosphere in the church at that time. In the history of Oume church we can not forget the existence of the Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Seibo kindergarten staying in the same church yard from the very beginning of the church. People of the area may not know about the church but everybody knew the Seibo kindergarten rooted deeply in the area and the Sisters have taken care of the Sunday school of the church.


Oume city was located at the central area of western Tokyo metropolitan. It is the entrance to Okutama area where are the green mountains and the Tama River surrounded by the beautiful scenery along the valley. The patron saint of the church is St. Thomas Ozaki who was the martyr during the feudal age in Japan. This parish is located at the western end of Tokyo Archdiocese And it takes about 5 minutes walk from JR Higashi Oume station. Seibo Kindergarten has been more familiar among the people of the area than the church.

Present situation

By the grace of the Lord the number of the parishioners has been increased and the chapel has become too narrow for them. As the history has told the church and Seibo Kindergarten have been stayed and grow together. In August of 1997 the present new chapel with unique hexagon design has been dedicated. and the building of Seibo Kindergarten also has been renovated newly The present number of the parishioners are about 450 including those who have been transferred from Fussa church due to the parish had been closed. There are many social institutions for the welfare of the aged people in Oume city, where the people from outside of Oume city have stayed also. In the church the volunteer group for social welfare has been organiz4ed actively and the members together with the chaplain have visited those social institutions to support the aged people regularly. Please visit us in Oume where the beauty of every season consoles the heart of visitors