Ōshima Catholic Church


Ōshima Catholic Church

Dedicated to

St. Thomas

Date of Establishment

May 3, 1967

In Charge

Archbishop’s Office

Number of Parishioners

28 (as of Dec.31,2019)

Sunday Mass

Once a Month (Usually 4th Sunday 10:00) (Please address inquiries to Archbishop’s Office. 03-3943-2301)


251 Umanose, Motomachi, Ōshima-machi, Tokyo 100-0101


04992-2-1621 (Ōshima Church),03-3943-2301 (Archbishop’s Office)


10 minutes walk from Motomachi Port. Or take the free bus from Motomachi Port or Okada Port.The Church stands near the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Oshima Branch. Parking available. GoogleMap

Parish History


It seems that Ooshima church is in Tokyo Metropolis and so near but it is quite far from Tokyo. The Catholic Church which has house in Izu Islands and Ogasawara Islands is only Ooshima Church at Ooshima island. At present a priest has been sent to the church for Sunday Mass once a month from the chancery office of Tokyo Archdiocese.


The church has been started on the occasion that one parishioner has donated a land. On 16th of October in 1962 the parsonage has been built and the church has been dedicated. After that not only Archdiocese of Tokyo but the priests from Yokohama Diocese in Atami and Ito and brother of Society of Mary cooperated to start the pastoral work of Ooshima Church.

Present Situation

At present 10 families belong to the church. It takes 10 minutes by walk from the port of Motomachi to the church which has a large cross on the roof along the road. In the same town there is also protestant church. On the third Sunday of May Julia Festival has been celebrated every year at Kouzu Island. At Julia Festival people of the island who live Christian life in their different way from us, the beautiful nature of the Island, and the people of the Island who are not Christian but have respected the life of Julia here, gather together to associate each other on the celebration day. Here is the special place going beyond the time and space where any man could get the chance of experiencing conversion to their original faith. The church has a space for lodging with kitchen good for 6 to 7 people or a family and the church welcomes those people from outside ready to stay there. The people of Ooshima also are waiting to have a chance to receive them. The information is ready at the chancery office. It becomes quite convenient in transportation since the high speed jet boats have been placed in commission between Tokyo and Ooshima Island. We would like to ask you to let us know if you have some relatives or friends who live in Izu Island or Ogasawara Island, if you do not mind. Contact to Ooshima Church: Tel: 03-3943-2301 FR. Ken-ichi Andreas TAKAGI Chancery Office of Tokyo Archdiocese