Ogikubo Catholic Church


Ogikubo Catholic Church

Dedicated to

St. Bartholomew

Date of Establishment

October 6, 1961

Parish Administrator

Francis X. Shigeru Tsuji

Number of Parishioners

453 (as of Dec.31,2019)

Sunday Mass

10:00 am (Third Sunday  Mass with sign language and note-taking)

Sunday School

1st,2nd,3rd Sun. After 10:00 Mass. For Preschool children ˜ Elementary 6th years.

Bible Study

Introduction Class: Thursday 10:00 ~11:00am, Bible Study meeting: Tuesday14:00~16:00 Catechism: Saturday 14:00

Volunteer Activity

Make packed lunch at Maria-Shokudo (Diner Maria) of Sanya area. Make disposable underwear for homeless people living in Sanya area. Make patchworks for Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity (India). Collect used stamps and telephone cards for Tokyo Caritas House.


4-18-13 Takaido-Higashi, Suginami-ku, Tokyo 168-0072






Facilities for the Handicapped

Slope (or Barrier free), Toilet ,Wheelchair


By Bus

Take the bus “Ogi53,56″(at stop No.3) or “Ogi54,57″(at stop No.4) at South Gate of Ogikubo Sta. on JR Line or Tokyo Metro Line, or take the bus headed for Ogikubo Sta. from Takaido Sta. (Keio Inogashira Line) or from Roka-Koen Sta. (Keio Line) ,or the bus headed for Nakano Sta. or Itshkaich Eigyo-sho from Kichijyoji Sta., or the bus headed for Kichijyoji Sta. from Nakano Sta., and get off at Yanagikubo stop (approx.10min ride). 3minutes walk from the stop.

By Car

Go along Itsukaichi-kaido toward Koenji. Make a right turn at Yanagikubo as the map shows. (The street from Itsukaichi-Kaido toward the church is a one-way street) GoogleMap

Parish History


In 1956 the Economic white paper “ It is not postwar any longer” has been issued. But the area of the present Ogikubo church, Takaido in Suginami Ward of Tokyo, Japanese radish fields were still dotted in a thicket. The area. gradually has been spotlighted as residential suburbs of metropolitan. As residents were increased the Catholic Christians were also stood out slowly. But Catholic church was not there and then the people have to go to Koenji church or Kichijoji church by Chuou line or Sisters of Handmaids of the Divine Heart,convent established in 1953 in small groups. For the mass. Some one has walked the long way to Koenji Church taking about one hour. Under these circumstances Ogikubo Church has been established in 1961 as a parish of Tokyo Archdiocese. In the background of the history the special support of Köln Archdiocese has been offered to Tokyo Archdiocese in spite of the remains of the terrible damages by World War II in Nazi’s era. By the generous support for the new constructions of the churches Itabashi church, Shiomi church, Kamata church, Sekimachi church, Kiyose church, Koiwa church, Oume church and Machida church have been established aside of Ogikubo church. Since Ogikubo Church has been made without the support of the parishioners of the church this history should not be forgotten but kept in everybody’s heart with deep thanksgiving to Köln Aarchdiocese. The patron Saint of the church is St Bartholomew after the same name of the church of Köln Aarchdiocese, At the beginning of Ogikubo church the parishioners were about only 50 to 70 people but now 500. In 2011 the church celebrated 50 years anniversary. The first chaplain was Fr. John Vianney Takeshi Sakuma whose original idea has made the whole interior design of the chapel especially the large cross has become a symbol of the church. The plated brass golden rivets were used for the wooden large cross hung on the ceiling. The unique idea has taken from the golden Cross set with jewel which is symbolized the shine of resurrection , “Christ Gemmer” in middle age of Europe. In 1963 the Second Vatican council has been held and the new image of the church has been brought about the world. Ogikubo church became the model church to initiate the liturgical change from using Latin language to Japanese language at the mass and made special study and experiment for the whole Japanese Catholic church. At the 25th anniversary of the church archbishop Peter Seiichi Shirayanagi gave his special words to the church for its dedication.

Present situation

The present chaplain is Fr. Francis Xavier Tadao Kishi. The characteristics of Ogikubo church is active in social welfare activities like lunch box making at “Marian house” in Sanya area, care service for the aged people of “Yokufukai Hospital” during the lunch meal time. The Boys Scout is also active On the occasion of 50th Anniversary in 2011 the church has been renovated the interior maintenance of the chapel and the facilities for the handicapped. Together with the neighboring parishes of Koencji church and Kichijoji church, the Ogikubo church has joined the Evangelical pastoral cooperative body, of The South Musashino region and to carry out the mission activities of Christ to the people in the area.