Chofu Catholic Church


Chofu Catholic Church

Dedicated to

St. John Bosco

Date of Establishment

October 6, 1967

Parish Priest

Angel Hitoshi Yamanouchi  S.D.B.

Number of Parishioners

1,649 (as of Dec.31,2019)

Sunday Mass

Sat. 19:00 (Japanese) , Sun. 8:00 (J) / 9:15 (J)*Mass for children during the school vacations only. / 10:30 (J), 2nd Sun. 14:30(English)

Weekday Mass

First Friday 10:30am, weekday Mass 6:30am at the chapel in the Seminary

Sunday School

various programs on Sunday morning

Bible Study

Many catechesis and bible study class by priests & sisters

Volunteer Activity

Various programs and activities for inside and outside of Japan.


Various activities


3-21-12 Fujimicho, Chofu-shi, Tokyo 182-0033






Facilities for the Handicapped

Slope (or Barrier free) , Toilet


15 minutes walk from North Gate of Chofu Station (Keio Line). Or take the Odakyu Bus at the bus terminal No.13 heading for Mitaka No06 or Kichijoji Station No.56 and get off at Fujimicho Jutakumae stop. From JR Mitaka Station’s South Gate, take the Odakyu Bus at the bus terminal No.6 heading for Chofu Eki Kitaguchi No.56 and get off at Otozakashita bus stop.  By car, take Koshuukaidou (Kokudo Root 25 )and go toward Kojimacho intersection near Mitsubishi Motocar Selling Agent. Then from Shinjuku direction turn to the right there, and from Hachioji direction turn to the left there.. GoogleMap

Parish History

Environment The church and the Salesian monastery are located at 1.2 kilometers to the north from Keiou Line Chofu Station. Going 1 kilometer further to the north, there are Tokyo Jindai Botanical Garden and Jindaiji Temple. Woodland of old farmers’ houses and uncared plain are still remained which give some atmosphere of the Musashi Plain. History In 1950 the Salesian Seminary was moved to Chofu and actually it became a parent body of this church. Since the purpose of Society of St. Francis of Sales is focused on education and bringing up young boys and girls, Youth Center had been established there at the same time. Among the youth and their parents gathered at the center, some of them had been baptized. In 1954 this small Christian community of the Salesians had been started as a sub-parish of Setagaya Church. In 1967, it was approved as independent parish, Chofu Church. Society of St. Francis of Sales has been entrusted from Archdiocese of Tokyo to pastor the Church. Development In the same church yard, there are Don Bosch Hall, Youth Center, baseball & succor ground, memorial Chapel of Fr.Vincenzo Cimatti and Fr. Cimatti Museum. As it is introduced above supporting activities for youth are actively held by the Church. Together with Salesian Fathers and seminarians Sunday School has been organized and the summer camping is a main program. The Church holds bazaar and sale handmade craftworks, process foods, second hand clothes and them. The profits have been donated for filling up the living expenses and educational cost of unprivileged children in the country or overseas. The amount of donation is not so much but we continues these activities encouraged by the words of a Korean priest whom Mrs. Ayako Sono, Catholic writer and charitable active woman, introduced us. He mentioned that we should not monopolize the great joy of serving for the sake of the people who are in need of our help but we should also let others join to help together so that many people will be shared the same joy with us by offering little by little until the whole amount of help will be filled up. All the groups and volunteer activities of the church start their preparation from July for the annual bazaar to be held on the last Sunday of October. The profit of the Bazaar has been used for various youth programs. Spirit of Fr.Vincenzo Cimatti, SDB, the forerunner of the mission. Fr.Vincenzo Cimatti was a forerunner of Salesian Fathers’ mission in Japan. He was sent to Japan in 1926 in his 46 years old. His unchallenged gentleness, his talents for music, working of publication and formation of youth had lead many Japanese people to the Church and Christian faith and also vocation for priest hood. During the World War II many seminarians and religious brothers whom he had taught for 10 years with spiritual cares were sent to the war front and died there. He wept sad tears facing this cruel trial for each one of them. After the war the mission has been started again lead by Fr.Vincenzo Cimatti to salve the child victims as a top priority among other relief activities. With his efforts school for orphans, Junior & senior high schools have been built. He worked for the new formation of Japanese priests and re-established the publication mission so as to get the total mission activities back on the track. The Salesian mission at present and the pastoral works of five parishes in Archdiocese of Tokyo have been carried out along the foundation of Fr. Cimatti’s mission activities. In 1965 he passed away in 86 years old after his virtuous life. In 1991 he has been given the title of honor ” Venerable” by the Holy See who recognized the special virtue of Fr. Cimatti. His remains has been laid at mortuary in the basement of Fr. Cimatti Musium and anybody can visit there. It reminds people of late Fr. Cimatti’s virtue. For the people of Chofu Church it is their honor and strength to live with Fr. Cimatti Musium. They strive to follow the mission of Fr. Cimatti and his spiritual life.