Akiruno Catholic Church


Akiruno Catholic Church

Dedicated to

All Saints

Date of Establishment

May 5, 1996

Parish Administrator

Maurizio Biffi, P.I.M.E (Also takes charge of Oume Church)

Number of Parishioners

200 (as of Dec.31,2019)

Sunday Mass

Sun.11:00 (From May to October) , Sun.8:00 (From November to April)

Weekday Mass


Sunday School

Please ask for the recent information.

Bible Study


Volunteer Activities

Visiting patients in hospitals.


1 Ina, Akiruno-shi, Tokyo 190-0142







Facilities for the Handicapped

Slope (or Barrier free), Elevator, Toilet, 3 Wheel chairs


15 minutes walk from Musashi Masudo Station (JR Itsukaichi Line). Courtesy Cars are available for Sundays Mass. Parking space for 10 vehicles.

Parish History

The Akiruno Church is located at the Akiruno City, the west side of Tama district in Tokyo Metropolis. It is in the rich natural environment with
clear green, fresh air and valley of limpid stream which lead to the entrance of the Akikawa Cave. The Church is in quiet place surrounded by Akikawa mountains and deep nature.

In May 1996 the church has been started as the 80th parish of Arch diocese of Tokyo. At the beginning the parsonage was a small old
house. The Sunday mass had been celebrated at the assembly hall of
Itsukaichi Graveyard rented for temporary use from Archdiocese of Tokyo. This parsonage was used both for the priest and parishioners.
On the other hand, former Catholic Itsukaichi Church and Catholic Fussa Church were closed and integrated to form the new church named Akiruno Church.
Before the construction of the new church, they had discussed the future plan about this new church continuously for 4 years regarding withdrawal from the old Itsukaichi Church and Goi Church, the new place of the church, and they worked hard for the preparatory activities of the planning.
We appealed to other churches, religious orders and convents, Catholic organizations and lay people all over Japan for the financial support and prayer to build their new church. As the result of these requests many
contributions and prayers were offered for the church. Thank to God.
On 2nd of April, 2000 the new church has been dedicated. Thanking for their great love, we always offer our special gratitude to them and renew our commitment to serve the Church of the Lord during the general intersession of the Mass.

Theme of Akiruno Church
During the time of new church construction we thought about what should be our church community from now on and then brought in these prospects as below.

1. The Church community will serve for the reposed soul rest in the
Itsukaichi Graveyard and the visitors there as the nearest church.
2. The Church community will serve for prayer and church activities in this
rich natural environment to praise the Lord and all his creation.
3. The Church community will contribute what they can do to facilitate
the church activities by their own efforts to save the expense, like
applying to the City Office for the registration of the new church land and
make use of recycling items by collecting unnecessary goods from other
churches and religious organizations, so that they will be able to practice
spirit of the poor.
4. The Church community will continuously investigate the possibility
of sharing the facility of the church with outside catholic groups for
lodging of visitors to the Itsukaichi Graveyard from remote area,
group retreat or seminar, and children’s camping.

We will seek for the better way to carry out these prospects for the church and to serve our brothers & sisters from outside.

The patron Saint
On the occasion of the dedication of the new church we have chosen two names of saints and asked Archbishop Peter Okada to decide one as our patron Saint of Akiruno Church. He suggested that as the church in front
of the Itsukaichi Graveyard this church should be symbolized that every deceased person will be invited into the kingdom of heaven as a saint. He hoped that the church community also will be dedicated to fulfill and develop along this wish. By his aspiration the church has been dedicated to ” All Saints”.

Present situation
1. Every year the church has offered the chapel, rooms and lodging space
for the camps of Children’s Church School, training programs & camps,
funeral masses and seminars or lecture meetings. We thank that we
could welcome many people and serve them. We will continue to do
better so that we will respond to their expectation to us.

2. Tama North Evangelical Cooperation Unit consists of Koganei Church,
Tachikawa Church, Oume Church and Akiruno Church under the
leadership of the managing priest. From last year to reinforce the
solidarity of among these churches the joint memorial service has been
organized at the beginning of last November at Itsukaichi Graveyard by
the sponsorship of Archdiocese of Tokyo and then many people has
attended the memorial mass offered by Archbishop Peter Okada.
We have organized the preparatory committee for this event by priests
and lay people from the members churches and held successfully with
the help of many people. By this experience we could grasp the
characteristic of our Evangelical Unit in the area, grope for our future
way and then this becomes our important experience as a fruit of the

3. Fr. Tsuji serves for both Akiruno Church and Tachikawa
Church as the chaplain.

Akiruno Church and the beautiful nature of each season always welcome you all to visit us.