Narashino Catholic Church


Narashino Catholic Church

Dedicated to

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Date of Establishment

Apr. 14, 1968 (as Funabashi Catholic Church) Dec. 8, 2000 (as Narashino Catholic Church)

Parish Priest

 Joseph Ngo Quang Dinh 

Number of Parishioners

2,392 (as of Dec.31,2019)

Sunday Mass

Sun.7:30 (Japanese) , 10:00 (Japanese)
4th Sun.12:30 (Portuguese)

Weekday Mass

Fri.10:00 (Japanese)  Please ask for information.

Sunday School

Sun. After 10:00 Mass (For kindergarten, elementary school children, also middle & high school students.)

Study programs

Please contact the church.

Volunteer Activity

Visiting sick person and social facilities, “WANOKAI”, “La Lumiere”(shadow picture).


1385-2 Nagasaku-cho, Hanamigawa-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba 262-0044  Google Maps






Facilities for the Handicapped

Church buiding and Laity Hall are designed barrier-free.


10 minutes walk (about 1 kilometer) from Mimomi Stn on Keisei Line. – by car – Approx. 2.7 kilometers from Takeishi Interchange of Keiyo Highway. Parking space for 60 vehicles. * Car service is available for Sunday Mass at 10:00 between Mimomi Station and the church. GoogleMap

Parish History


In 1966 Archbishop Peter Tatsuo Doi had decided to establish the Church. The land for construction had been purchased already by the fund from Köln Archdiocese. In 1968 the Church had been established at Funabashi as a parish of Catholic Funabashi Church with the name “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ”. At the beginning less than 100 people had supported the Church but the population of Funabashi have increased rapidly as the commutable area to Tokyo. According to this phenomena many people have transferred to the Funabashi Church from outside. In 1999 on the last year of being Funabashi Church, about 2,000 people had belonged to the Church. It was located at the quiet residential area but there was no space for parking and also there were some other issues to be solves to maintain the Church with the big numbers of people. In order to cope with the environment and the relations with outside people of the area, it was resolved that to move the Church to a new place is necessary. The real preparation has been started from 1994. The basic concept of the new Church are the Church suitable for the future, convenience for the people, and to avoid the heavy expenses for a move and they had been discussed over and over. On the 10th of December 2000 the Church has been transferred to the present site and Catholic Narashino Church has been newly dedicated through the support of Archdiocese of Tokyo and other person concerned.

Present Situation

There are two wards at the Church yard, one is the chapel ward, the other is the parsonage & hall ward. The capacity of the chapel is 600 seats including the second floor. The design has been made by famous sculpture, Mr. Yasuomi Hashimoto. Also Sister disciples of the Divine Master has donated their stained glass ” the morning of the resurrection ” made by Ms. Keiko Miura for the new chapel of this Church. It has been placed in the wall of our chapel. As of now the number of parishioners: reaches 2,000. According to the prospect of the future population in Funabashi city, Narashino city, Yachiyo city, Sakura city, Ciba city, Kamagaya city, Shiroi city and the neighbor hood area, the number of population will not seems to be increasing further more. But the parishioners are still increasing because it is convenient to commute to offices and universities to Tokyo. Children and students account for one percent of the parishioners and there is much hope in the Church. The Sunday school is also quite active. On the other hand, the number of senior parishioners are increasing though it is rather slow in comparison with other churches of Tokyo Metropolis. The people of over 60 years old account for more than 30 percent of the total parishioners of this Church who are participating actually in the various activities of the Church. In order to put their carrier to practical use for the Church further consideration is required. Foreigners who attend the mass are increasing and about 20 to 30 people come to the mass every Sunday. The fourth Sunday of a month is offered in Portuguese. Mutual exchange among the Chiba North East Evangelical Cooperative Group (Choshi Church, Narita Church and Sahara Church , Narashino Church ) in neighboring parish has build up a close connection.