Homily for the 16th International Day’s Mass

St Mary’s Cathedral Tokyo
May 14, 2006


This year, 2006, is the 16th year of our International Day celebration. Our theme this year is: “Here I am Lord, send me”.

God has entrusted to the Church the important mission of “Working for Peace”. Every year, all the Catholic churches in Japan hold peace ceremonies (from Aug 6-15), and this year, the theme adopted by the Tokyo Archdiocese is: “Happy are those who work for Peace”. The executive committee is now planning for the said activity. Please come and participate.

Today, I would like to speak about security rather than peace. Perhaps the broader meaning of the word “security” includes peace. “Working for a secure world” is one of our most important mission in life, isn’t it?

Being secure is important for us, as human beings. People feel secure when they are protected by a great power. People are secured when they are connected with persons they trust. Children who are loved by their parents and who know that they are being protected by their environment can play peacefully and with ease.

We are living in relation to our fellow human beings. Our life is connected to our family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors and church. These relationships make us feel secure in life.

Among the people you are with, there is someone special or important. This person is playing a significant role in your life. This person accepts you as you are, understands you, and is always available when you need someone to communicate to, and confide your problem. You can open and share your inner most self without any reservations. The person sincerely listens to what you say, and try to help you. You are not pressured, but free, and your freedom and independence is acknowledged. You are being carefully watched, at the same time, you are given the necessary and adequate assistance. Truth is important for this person, and you will never be betrayed.

We need such a person whom we can trust and feel secure. Also, we need to become such a person, so that others can also feel secure. On the other hand, we are self-centered and weak, we feel it is difficult to be a person whom people can feel secure. We always think that it is difficult to become such a person. Our relationships with people should be supported and be led by a power greater than our human capacity. Fortunately, we Christians have Christ. Today’s Gospel says that Christ is the vine, and we are the branches. If each person is connected with the vine, and stay with Christ, we feel secure with each other.

Lord, please send us your spirit so that we can carry our mission to make people secure in their lives. This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, amen.