Establishing the Catholic Mission Districts

Dec 11, 2002


To all members of Tokyo Archdiocese, priests, religious and lay persons.


+May peace be with you all!

As Christmas grows closer, I realize that each parish must be very busy preparing for this special celebration.

As we know, the Archdiocese of Tokyo is now working on various tasks related to “the Reorganization of Parishes”. We have received many responses to “One Step Forward” the message I announced last year, and also to “Living out the Gospel Mission” the proposal submitted by the Reorganization Project Team this June. For greater understanding of this reorganization, we discussed relevant issues at the Diocesan Meeting in October and also at the Priests’ Assembly in November. I would like to thank deeply the many people who joined these discussions and supported our endeavors with their faithful prayers.

Having listening to the many and varied opinions of members of the diocese, and after prayerful consideration, in my capacity as Ordinary of the Archdiocese I have decided to start implementing “cooperation between Catholic Mission Districts -the first step toward the Reorganization of Parishes” and “preparation for a Diocese to Live out the Gospel Mission” from this coming Easter, 20th April, 2003. The Catholic Mission Districts will be organized as indicated on the attached sheet.

Many Catholic Mission Districts will experience personnel changes in regard to parish priests after Easter 2003, so actual implementation of the new structures will start after the reassignment of clergy. Fuller details regarding the cooperation between Catholic Mission Districts will be distributed before Easter. I deeply appreciate your cooperation, prayers and your growing understanding of the issues involved.

May the light of Love, Peace and Hope that shone upon the Holy Family at Bethlehem shine over the churches of our Diocese! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas.


11th December 2002


Organization of the Catholic Mission Districts
(From 20th April 2003)


   1 Akabane Sekiguchi Hongo Tokyo Korean*
   2 Oshima Kanda Kojimachi Tsukiji
   3 Ichikawa Kasai Koiwa Shiomi
   4 Adachi Umeda (sub) Machiya (sub) Mikawashima
   5 Asakusa Ueno Honjyo  
   6 Toyoshiki Matsudo Kameari  
   7 Akatsutsumi Setagaya Hatsudai Matsubara
   8 Sangenjaya Shibuya Seta (sub)  
   9 Kitami Seijyo Machida  
 10 Omori Kamata Senzoku  
 11 Azabu Takanawa Meguro Roppongi*
 12 Kaminoge (sub) Denenchofu Himonya  
 13 Akitsu Kiyose Kodaira  
 14 Shimoigusa Sekimachi Tokuden  
 15 Itabashi Kitamachi Shimura Toshima
 16 Ogikubo Kichijoji Koenji  
 17 Tama Chofu Fuchu  
 18 Akiruno Ome Koganei Tachikawa
 19 Izumicho (sub) Takahata Toyoda Hachioji
 20 Kamogawa Kisarazu Goi Tateyama
 21 Chibadera Togane Nishichiba Mobara
 22 Sawara Choshi Narashino Narita


*The Tokyo Korean Church and The Roppongi Franciscan Chapel Center are non-territorial Parishes, but they will also be cooperating in the new Catholic Mission Districts and so are included as above. 

(sub) stands for “sub parish”.


11th December 2002
Archdiocese of Tokyo