On Re-organization of Catholic Tokyo International Center – CTIC

Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC)

Steering Committee Chairperson

OKADA Takeo (Archbishop of Tokyo)



To all the Faithful of the Catholic Archdiocese of Tokyo,


Two years from now, in 2010, the Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC) will celebrate 20 years since its foundation. “Pastoral care and support for foreigners in difficulty” has been one of the priority tasks of the Archdiocese. In 1990, in commemoration of the centenary of its establishment as a diocese, Tokyo Diocese founded the “Tokyo International Pastoral Center” – now called Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC) – for the purpose of supporting foreigners.


Now 18 years later, internationalization and multi-nationalization have greatly progressed in the church and in society, and the number of foreigners who settle in Japan has greatly increased. Half of the members of Catholic churches are now foreign nationals. We presume the number of migrants will continue to increase. It is time for us to receive migrants more positively, renew Japanese society together, and move towards the realization of a multicultural society.


Pastoral, consultative, and supporting ministries for and with foreigners is an important duty of the Church, and this is a task to be carried out by all its members. From now on, by strengthening bonds with the church communities and parishes, the Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC) will cooperate more closely with parishes to develop this activity, so that the whole Archdiocese can be involved and engaged.


In view of our 20th anniversary, and with these points seriously in mind, we have often discussed and talked about the management and operation of the three CTIC offices in Meguro, Kameido and Chiba, considering how to improve efficient and effective cooperation among the staff, and how to reduce the cost of office operations. As a result, we came to a conclusion that it is desirable to re-organize and unite the three offices, and to re-establish one integrated office on the premises of Meguro Church. Therefore, from January next year, the “Catholic Tokyo International Center – CTIC” will re-open its integrated office in Meguro Church, and start a new stage in our journey.


I ask for your warm understanding.


October 1, 2008







On Temporary Suspension of Business on account of moving :

December 15 – 27:

Because of moving for offices to be integrated, business will be unavailable

* Services at Kameido Office and at Chiba Office will end on December 12, 2008..

December 28, 2008 – January 7, 2009 End of the Year and New Year holidays.

Business and services such as consultations, will start on January 13, 2009.


How to Contact us at the New Office ( after January 8, 2009 ) :

Catholic Tokyo International Center

4-5-22 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 〒141-0021

Tel. (Main number) 03-5759-1061 Fax 03-5759-1063