WORLD DAY OF MIGRANTS AND REFUGEES (Notice and Requests for Emergency Food Assistance)

Since May 2020, we at Catholic Tokyo International Center has initiated to provide food support to foreign nationals who are struggling to make ends meet due to COVID-19.   However, until now there is no sign when the pandemic will be over.   Because of this, there are more people in dire need.  Thus, CTIC decided to continue such assistance until the end of this year.

If you happen to know someone or people who may need of help, kindly inform them . 

 In this connection, we are humbly asking for your generosity in cash or in kind. Your donations and contributions enable us to sustain our food services.

Thank you very much for your kind assistance.

Items most needed are the following:

  • Rice
  • Instant ramen, Cup Ramen
  • Ready to eat food pack in retort pouch (gyudon, oyakodon, chukadon, curry)
  • Canned goods (tuna, saba mizuni, luncheon meat)
  • Instant coffee (Stick)
  • Snacks and sweets (biscuit, cookie or chocolates)

 We will be glad if you can send us items three months before its expiration date.  Please take note that items unsealed and with dirt will not be accepted).

For more information please call:

Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC)  c/o Mrs. Malou Okuyama

4-6-22 Kami Osaki, Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
Tel:03-5759-1061   Fax: 03-5759-1063 Email: 


Yubin furikomi:  00130-2-710756   Catholic Tokyo International Center