Pope Francis to Visit Japan in November

The Holy See announced today that Pope Francis will visit Thailand and Japan in November. The Holy Father will visit Tokyo, Nagasaki and Hiroshima from November 23 to 26. The apostolic visit’s theme is “Protect All Life.”

The Holy Father will celebrate Masses in Nagasaki and Tokyo (https://popeinjapan2019.jp/en/)

(Archbishop Kikuchi’s comment)

“Holy Father, Pope Francis is visiting Japan and will be with us in Tokyo. With great joy and gratitude, I, together with everyone in the Archdiocese, wlecome Holy Father in our midst. ‘A Church which goes forth’ is the attitude which Holy Father shows as his image of the Church. We will follow His witness in words and deeds to realise such church in Japan.”

(Archbishop Kikuchi’s Video Message on Pope Francis’ Visit to Japan)


Until 1945, when an air raid on May 25th destroyed it, Tokyo Cathedral was wooden, Gothic style building. It was built in 1899 as the Chapel of the Seibo School of French; in 1900 became the Church of Sekiguchi Parish and in 1920 became the Tokyo Cathedral.

In 1911 the Grotto of Lourdes was built by a French missionary.

The Cathedral was burnt down in World War II, but with the help of the Archdiocese of Cologne, Germany, reconstruction of the Cathedral was decided. Construction work began in April 1963 under the direction of the famous architect Mr. TANGE Kenzo and the dedication ceremony was held on December 8, 1964.


Area of the Archdiocese: Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture

Total population in Tokyo and Chiba: 19,936,338

Catholics: 97,656 (0.5%)

Parishes: 76

Religious: Communities of men: 51

Religious: Communities of women: 138

Diocesan Priests: 71 (including 5 Bishops)

Religious and Missionary Priests: 258 (Japanese:132 Foreign:126)

Brothers: 54 (Japanese:38 Foreign:16)

Sisters: 1,219 (Japanese: 1,129 Foreign:90)

Seminary: 1

University: 5

Other Colleges: 7

High School: 13

Middle School: 13

Elementary School: 13

Kindergarten: 52

Hospitals and clinics: 5

Social Welfare Facilities for Children: 32

Social Welfare Facilities for For the Elderly: 18