Name: Toyoshiki Catholic Church
Dedicated to: Our Lady Queen of Peace
Date of Establishment: April 27, 1971
Pastor: Yasuo Ignatio de Loyola WATANABE
Assistant: Hiroo Peter OGAWA
Number of Parishioners: 1,715 (as of Dec.31,2012)
Sunday Mass:

Sat.17:30 Sun.8:00 / 10:00

3rd Sun.15:00 (Tagalog)

Weekday Mass:

 Fri.10:00    Tue. & Thu.6:50 am

                       (Japanese; at Missionaries of Christ Jesus Nagareyama Convent )

                         5-135-2 Higashihatsuishi Nagareyama-shi
                       Tel : 04-7152-1022  Map

Sunday School: 1st,3rd,5th Sun.10:00 (For Elementary school children)
Middle school and  High School  students)
Bible Study:

Introduction to Catechism: Wed.19:30, Sat.16:00~

Bible reading :Wed.10:00,     2nd. Sun.11:30

Bible Reading for 100 weeks: Sat. 14:00

Bible Study meeting:  Thu..10:00 am

Reading Bible by turns: Sat. 15:30

Paul letter reading :1st,3rd Thu..10:00~

Volunteer Activities:
Address: 2-444 Nagasaki, Nagareyama-shi, Chiba 270-0134
Telephone: 0471-45-9933
Fax: 0471-44-7988
Facilities for the Handicapped: Slope (or Barrier free), Toilet, Wheelchair

1 section by taxi from Toyoshiki Stn on Tobu Noda Line (Tell the driver you want to go to the Catholic Church in Nagasaki 2 chome). Or take the church's bus from Toyoshiki Stn. (Sun. only)
Toyoshiki.Stn  7:40/9:24/9:42.
Toyoshiki church  9:10/9:30/11:25.


By car. Go straight toward Matsudo from Nagareyama interchange of Joban Freeway for 3 kilometers. Make a left turn at the T-junction, then turn right at the first traffic light, go into the narrow path between JA and gas station, turn left at the T-junction. Church is 20 meters from this T-junction. GoogleMap

Parish History:


The church has been started from Matsudo church and since the Catholic population has been increased largely in Kashiwa area people ask to have their church earnestly. Then the plan of building the new church has been decided. In 1970 Cardinal Peter Tatsuo Doi had appointed Fr. Francis of Assisi Masao Hamazaki to be the first chaplain but unfortunately he had passed away before the completion of the church and his nephew Fr. Francisco Xavier Masakatsu Fukamizu has succeeded

the chaplain of the new church. In May of 1971 Kashiwa Church had been established along the National Root 16 at the Higashidai first in Kashiwa City. In the site of only 250 Tsubo (76 ) the chapel, hall and parking area good for two cars had been built. As the parishioners increased people

asked for the bigger site and then transferring plan of the church to the larger site had been examined to be actualized. The negotiation with the land owners had a rough passage and it required unimaginable efforts. After all the trials the new land of the church had been purchased and the church has been transferred. In September of 1991 Cardinal Peter Seiichi Shirayanagi has dedicated

the church in the solemn Holy Mass and the name “ Kashiwa church also has been changed to Toyoshiki Church on this occasion. Fr.Frank Hawkshaw of Scarboro Mission Society had been assigned as the first chaplain and the forth chaplain, Fr. Peter Takeo Okada has been ordained to be the Bishop of Saitama diocese and after became Archbishop of Tokyo Archdiocese at present. Toyoshiki church

has been dedicated to Our Lady of Peace and we pray for Her protection.



To Toyoshiki church it takes about 30 mimutes by Jr Joban Line from Jr. Ueno Station, then transfer at Kashiwa Station to Tobu Noda Line and get off at the next stop at Toyoshiki Station. By walking it takes about 20 minutes from thestation. As the name shows there are rich in nature with seasonal flowers, green trees, and many birds’ voices sound around the church which has different environment from the life in noisy crowded Tokyo metropolis. Kashiwa City, Ngareyama City, Abiko City and Noda City are located at the east end of Tokyo Archdiocese and they border on Saitama Diocese.


Present situation

The number of parishioners is more than 1600 and they participated into Joseph group for men,

Women’s group, youth group, high school group, Children of the light group (Elementary school children) and Angel group (Kindergarten or nursery children with the parents) in the eyes of the chaplain and help each other. Recently the seniors are more active to take initiatives of church management and maintenance and they are recognizes as important members. 

 In the given beautiful natural environment gardening, repairing of church buildings, people support the community with their each gifted talents. Tea room on Sundays serves good carried rice

and coffee. The holy corner has been opened by women’s voluntary group. The church is proud of

all the humble handmade services and they have made the community of the church by sharing the time and talents.


The joint work with the close cooperation among Matsudo church, Kameari church and Toyoshiki church as one Higashi Katsushika Evangelical Mission Cooperative Body has been gradually


  On 23rd of September the church has celebrated the joint Holy Mass by Archbishop Peter T. Okada and about 350 people gathered together from these churches, They pray and exchange their friendship that have made another steps possible in the future development.

Sunday Holy Masses: 5:30 on Saturday evening, 8:00 & 10:00 on Sunday morning                     Tagalog Mass on the third Sunday at 15:00 at the church

Spanish Mass on the first Sunday at 13:00 at Missionary Sisters of Christ Jesus convent

In the church yard barley, wheat and mustard seed written on the bible have been planted.

The planning of raising fireflies has been planned in the church yard.

We would like to invite you to our church.