Name: Narita Catholic Church
Dedicated to: Our Lady of Assumption
Date of Establishment: June 5, 1986
Pastor:  Keiji Francis X. SAKAKURA
Number of Parishioners:

467 (as of Dec.31,2012)

Sunday Mass:

Sun. 9:30 am (Japanese) 

3rd Sun. 11:30(English) / 13:30(Spanish)

Weekday Mass: Monday through Saturday at 7:30am Friday 9:30am
Volunteer Activity: Coffee Charity wherein home made cake and cookies, tea and coffee are sold on  4th Sunday after 9:30 Mass and the fund raised is donated to several welfare institutions in Japan 
Address: 2-2-1 Kōzunomori, Narita-shi, Chiba 286-0048
Telephone: 0476-26-4926
Fax: 0476-26-4922
Facilities for the Handicapped: Toilet

7 minutes walk from Kōzunomori Sta. on Keisei Line.

Parking available for 30 cars inside and 20 outside the Church area..


Parish History:


Narita Church  started its steps as a branch of Sawara Church, the neighboring parish. In 1977. In 1982 the church has become sub-parish and in 1986 it HAS Become lawfully AN independent parish of Archdiocese of Tokyo. At the beginning the location was at Nakadai in Narita New Town using an ordinary house as her chapel. With an eye of the future the preparation of new construction of the Church has . begun from the early stage and in 1988 expansion of the church has been done.

Since the house was too small for the increased number of the parishioners during the thirteen years from the establishment of the church. the Irish Columban Missionaries made the foundation of Narita Church and the parishioners also cooperated with them generously. 

 In 1989 the church has welcomed Japanese diocesan priest as the chaplain and five years after the Church could purchase the land at Kōzunomori i. The new construction of the church  started on May 1995. In November it has been completed and house moving was done.

In December 1995 Archbishop Peter Shirayanagi and Auxiliary Bishop Paul Mori have concelebrated the Solemn Dedication Mass. Around the Narita city many Filipinos and people from Latin America live. At the Sunday Mass the crews of the airplanes and passengers have joined from various countries and the church becomes international atmosphere.

 The Narita Church given the new chapel at the growing new town of Kozunomori  has started firmly its new steps as the light of Christ. At present the church is carried by about 400 Japanese parishioners and 250 foreigners.

Present Situations

  Church Activities   

        □  Voluntary Activities
  Coffee Charity: To support social welfare program  
▽  Flea market committee: Once a year around October
        ▽  Ceremonial Occasions: Services for the liturgy of Wedding, Vigil of over the deceased, Funeral, Care
              and maintenance for all the necessary things of liturgy
        ▽  Sacristy :Clean-up: Chapel, personage, hall and toilet 
        ▽  Sunday liturgy services: Organist, usher, reader, alter server  
        ▽  Servant of the Eucharist, Rector:The lay ministry services admitted by Tokyo  Archdiocese to give sick
              or aged person the Blessed Sacrament and minister to the Liturgy of the Word

  Official activities of the Church organization

                 Church Committee: Supervise all the church activities and organization of the church.The Committee has
          meeting once a month.

                 Financial Committee: Managing and support the chaplain for all the financial matters of the church.

                 Liturgical Committee: Supervise all the liturgical calendar of the year and scheduling the

       necessary staffs.                       

         Christian  life & activities: After the baptism the new parishioners will participate into:

    Various activities of the church and liturgical events of the church calendar so that they will experience close  contact with Christ and brothers & Sisters in Christ globally united with each other as one community of the church. This will be the base of Catholic Christian life with rich faith.