Name: Meguro Catholic Church
Dedicated to:

St. Anselm

Date of Establishment: November 30, 1947
Rector: Leo SCHUMACHER  S.S.C.
Assistants: Kaoru Anselmus.KAWAGUCHI
Number of Parishioners: 1,383(as of April.30,2012)
Sunday Mass: Sun. 7:30(Japanese) / 10:00(J) / 12:00(English) / 17:00(J), 3rd Sunday 14:30 El Shaddai Mass
Sun. 10:30(German, at Kamino Misetsuri Shudokai,Nakameguro,Tel:03-3712-0775)
Weekday Mass: 7:30
Sunday School:

Sun 10:00(For Kindergarten and Elementary School Children) in Japanese

Sun 12:00(For Kindergarten and Elementary School Children)in Japanese and English

Bible Study:

Thu.10:00 "Preparation for Sunday Gospel"(in Japanese)

Thu.19:00 "Baptism Preparation"(in Japanese)

Sat.17:00 Baptism Preparation"(in Japanese)

Volunteer Activity:
Address: 4-6-22 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021
Telephone: 03-3491-5461
Fax: 03-3491-6527
Facilities for the Handicapped: Slope (or Barrier free), Toilet

3 minutes from Main Exit of Meguro Station. (JR Yamanote-line, Tokyu Meguro-line, Tokyo Metro Namboku-line )or Toei Mita-line.
Parking space for 20 vehicles.


Parish History:

In November 1947, Meguro Church was founded by the Benedictine priests. Fr. Hildebrand Yaiser, O.S.B., the Pastor of the Church, and Fr.Joseph Schmerbach, his right hand man, who both experienced the hard
times during and after the Second World War. The new Benedictine community was registered under St. John's Abbey in U.S.A. New members included Fr. Emile Butrille, O.S.B. who had experienced the prisoners' camp in China, Fr. Aloysius Michaels, O.S.B. who was a warm hearted person like a virtuous farmer, and Fr. Neal Henry Lawrence O.S.B.who had a great deal of international experience. They were major members at the foundation of Meguro Church. It should be remembered that funds for church building were raised by one dollar contribution from many Catholic citizens in U.S.A.
In May 1956, the present church was constructed to the design of Architect Antonin Raymond. After more than 50 years, even today, the chapel is widely appreciated in the history of architecture and young architects and
students visit the Church regularly. Inside the chapel the walls are made of concrete placing and the prayerful atmosphere, a sense of plain and honest simplicity without ornamentation and yet deep extensive solemnity.
At times of joy, suffering or seeking relief, visiting the chapel alone fills the heart with consolation. The church is located along what is called Doreme (fashion school) street, in a corner of Yuhigaoka and the door of the church is open until 9 p.m.
Since the beginning of the Parish, it was pastored by the Benedictine priests, but from April 1999 it has become a parish ministered to the diocesan priests. In April 2004, Catholic Tokyo International Center (CTIC) was established in the second floor of the former kindergarten building.