Takahata Catholic Church



Catholic Takahata Church

Dedicated to

St. Mary Queen of May

Date of Establishment

September 1, 1969



Number of Parishioners

853 (as of Dec.31,2017)

Sunday Mass

9:00 / 11:00 (All in Japanese)

Weekday Mass

Tue. ˜ Sat. 6:30 1st Fri.10:00

Sunday School

After 9:00 Mass˜12:00

Bible Study

2nd, 4th Thu.10:00˜11:00 Fri.10:00˜12:00

Volunteer Activities

Group for supporting refugee : Opens a coffee shop after the Mass on Sunday and collects donation for CTIC. Women’s Group: Making quilts for Mother Teresa Missionaries of Charity (India). Voluntary Group for people living in Sanya area. Sending used clothes to Akatsuki-no-mura,Gunma Prefecture. Besides the above-mentioned activity group, there are Kamagasaki supporting Group, Voluntary Group for Tama-ryogo-en(Welfare-of-handicapped-persons institution),etc.


14-7-14 Hodokubo, Hino-shi, Tokyo 191-0042







Facilities for the Handicapped

Slope (or Barrier free), Toilet


Take bus for Chuo University (or for Tama Center) from JR Toyoda Station to Kami-Hodokubo stop. 2 minutes walk from the stop. Or take bus for Tamatech from Takahata-Fudo Stn (Keio Line) to Kami-Hodokubo stop. 2 minutes walk from the stop. 10 minutes walk from Tama-Dobutsu-Koen Stn on Keio Line. Parking available GoogleMap

Parish History


In the environment of increasing population toward the western part of Tokyo Metropolis, large apartments have been built at Toyoda in Hino City. By listening to the voices of new inhabitants, Cardinal Peter Seiichi Shirayanagi, Archbishop of Tokyo recognized the sign of the time that Catholic Church located in the modern society has a mission to proclaim the words of the Lord and to create the Christian faith community in the parish. In 1966 Toyoda church has established as the branch of Hachioji church and the first holy mass has been offered by Fr.Anthony Saichi Nishida on 23rd of January in 1966, On 3rd of May in 1967 the church has become Toyoda sub-parish and Fr. John Cross Yoji Inoue has been assigned as the first chaplain, Fr. Inoue has chosen St. Ludovic Ibaraki as the patron Saint fit to this small new Toyoda church since he was the youngest martyr of 26 Japanese martyrs. In the early time of Heisei age from 1988, Toyoda church and Tachikawa church had formed the joint pastoral mission and our parish has experienced the unique style for a while. By making use of this past experience we try to cope with the new change of the time to be ready always to serve the Lord and the parishioners who live in the society.


About 50 years has past since Tamadairadaira apartment has been developed as the new large bed town of Tokyo Metropolis since 1955 and now they have been newly reconstructed in the new name of “ Tama no Mori”. Around Hino station and Toyoda station large mansions at every street. The head quarter of De La Salle Brothers and their seminar house have been taken down and new mansions were built there after they have left. It was the hard time for us to lose their diversified support for long time. Toyoda church belongs to Tama Nishi Evangelical Mission Cooperative Body together with Hachioji Church and Takahata Church and take close link among them. By keeping warm atmosphere of family like community the church tries to carry out the evangelical missions being always open to the people in the area as a small but shining church of the Lord. The church is located about 35 km away to the west from the center of Tokyo metropolis and it takes 8 minutes by walk toward north from the north exit gate of JR Toyoda station on Chuou line in Hino City. The chur is at the corner of Tamadaira Danchi. Toyoda church is considered as one of the small parishes in Archdiocese of Tokyo with a narrow building site and has about300 parishioners. The church seeks positively the way to be together with people in and out side of the church in the spirit of co-living & co-prosperity by making the most use of the good point and the advantage of the church. The third floor of the church building is the parsonage, the second floor is the chapel and the first floor is the hall.

Present Situation

The parishioners of the church carry their role voluntary according to their capacity in the church organization, seek deeper spiritual life by mutual support and continue to pray in action to grow.


Annual activity of the church:

January: General assembly of the church February: The St, Ludovic Festival September: The celebration of the aged people October: Church bazaar November: Visit to the church’s cemetery General cleaning of the church