Appointment of Auxiliary Bishop to Tokyo


James Kazuo KodaThe appointment of Fr. James Kazuo Koda as the new Auxiliary Bishop of Tokyo was announced at the Vatican on the 29th of November 2004. Fr. Koda is currently working in the Tokyo Chancery in charge of pastoral activity.


  • 1955 11th March Born in Tokyo
  • 1976 14th November Baptized at Seijo Church
  • 1979 April Entered Tokyo Seminary
  • 1984 4th March Ordained Deacon at Kashiwa Church
  • 1985 3rd March Ordained Priest at Tokyo Cathedral
  • 1985 April Assigned to Koenji Parish
  • 1988 April Assigned to Takahata Parish
  • 1991 April Appointed Moderator at Tokyo Seminary
  • 1997 April Assigned to Nishi-Chiba Parish
  • 2002 April Appointed to the Chancery
  • 2003 April Took on additional duties of administrator of Shiomi Parish



Episcopal Consecration of Fr. Jacob Kazuo Koda

 Date: Saturday, 19th February, 2005

Time: 11:00am

Place: St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sekiguchi, Tokyo

Officiating Bishop: Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada. 

Your prayers are kindly requested for Bishop Koda and for the Church of Tokyo at this special time. 

Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada